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jQuery Controls for ASP.NET

I know all of you like to use jQuery in your asp.net applications. And why not, it’s the best thing ever happened in past few time. But managing things up do get out of control. Today I am introducing set of server side controls which help you to easily implement jQuery in ASP.NET Application. You can use these controls as you use your other server side controls.

I came across this toolkit written by Sike Mulliven. And he really did this job perfectly.

In the toolkit, you will find four different controls along with designer and another control inspired from Rick Strahl’s article on the jQueryCalender.

To use the controls all you have to do is just add CSS file references to your page and drag & drop the controls from the ToolBox. Some Screen captures attached for your reference.

jQuery Controls

jQuery Controls

jQuery TabView

jQuery TabView (Design)


jQuery TabView (Runtime)

jQuery Dialog

jQuery Dialog (Design)

jQuery Dialog (Runtime)

jQuery Slider

jQuery Slider (Design)

jQuery Slider (Runtime)

jQuery Accordion

jQuery Accordion (Design)

jQuery Accordion (Runtime)

You can download these control from the following location


The solution contains the source code for the controls and the test project for it.

I hope these jQuery controls will really add a spice in your UI development for ASP.NET Application. Thanks to Sike Mullivan.

Let me know about your comments and how helpful it can be for you.

Waqas Ahmed

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